Lady Bug - Asian Beetles


Ladybugs (Asian Beetles)




Little brown lady bugs, also known as Asian lady beetles, are a gardener's helper. These small insects, usually brown, yellow or light orange in color, eat other soft-bodied pests. Unlike many other garden dwelling insects, however, they don't die when cold weather arrives. Asian lady beetles look for warm places to hibernate, and unfortunately, our homes are the perfect spot. Once you see one, you'll likely see many. There are several ways to remove these insects once they have invaded your space, although the bugs are harmless to humans. They will not feed on your home or possessions and they do not carry disease.

How to get rid of lady bugs and kill ladybugs.

First start by vacuming up the ladybugs-asian beetles (making sure to throw away your vacuum cleaner bag full of ladybugs into your outside trash). Second, place any of our mouse/insect glue boards (found in Mice & Rodent Control) by your doors and windows to catch the ladybugs when they enter your home. Last spray insecticides near points of entry into your home doors windows etc. Also, spray or dust in attics and crawl spaces, as this is where Asian ladybugs tend to congregate.

Let help you get rid of ladybugs and kill ladybugs.

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