Cyper TC Insecticide

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Cyper TC Insecticide


Active Ingredient:

Cypermethrin 25.3%

Target Pests:

Termites, Spiders, Roaches, Bark Beetles, Mosquitos, Fleas & More

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Control Solutions



Apply Cyper Tc Insecticide using a 0.1% emulsion as a residual treatment to outside surfaces of buildings including, but
not limited to, exterior siding, foundations, porches window frames, eaves, patios, garages, refuse dumps, lawns or grass
areas adjacent or around private homes, duplexes, townhouses, condominiums, house trailers, apartment complexes,
carports, garages, fence lines, storage sheds, barns, and other residential structures, commercial, industrial and
institutional buildings, soil, trunks of woody ornamentals and other areas where pests congregate or have been seen.
Base need for retreatment upon monitoring for pest presence.
Keep children and pets off treated areas until completely dry.


CARPENTER ANTS: To kill carpenter ants in houses and other structures, apply Cyper Tc Insecticide as a 0.25% emulsion for
protection up to 5 weeks, a 0.5% emulsion for protection up to 11 weeks, and a 1.0% emulsion for protection up to 1 year,
with re-treatment semiannually as needed, around doors and windows, and other places where carpenter ants enter the
premises and where they crawl. Spray Cyper Tc Insecticide into cracks and crevices or through openings or small-drilled holes into voids
where these ants or their nests are present. Use no more than a sufficient amount of coarse spray to thoroughly cover
the area. Do not allow runoff to occur. Do not exceed 1 gallon of dilute emulsion per 1000 square feet of treatment

To kill carpenter ants active inside trees, utility poles and/or fence post, drill to find the interior infested cavity and inject
0.25% emulsion, for protection up to 1 week, using a treatment tool with a splashback guard. Reapply under heavy
reinfestation pressure.

FIREWOOD PROTECTION FROM CARPENTER ANTS: Prior to laying in firewood, soil beneath the cord(s) may be
treated with Cyper Tc Insecticide at 0.25%-0.50% emulsion at 1 gallon per 10 square feet to prevent carpenter ant infestation.

CARPENTER BEES: Use a 0.1% emulsion for control of carpenter bees. Liquid may be sprayed directly into gallery
entrance holes. Following treatment, the entrance holes may be left open 24 hours to be certain that returning adult bees
are killed. When there is no activity, the hole may be closed with wood putty.


SLAB-ON-GOUND: Apply Cyper Tc Insecticide the emulsion at the rate of 4 gallons per 10 linear feet per foot of depth. Application shall be made by sub-slab injection, trenching and rodding into the trench or trenching. Injectors should not extend below the tops
of the footings.
Treat the soil from grade to the top of the footing along the outside and, where necessary, along the inside of the
foundation perimeter. Treatment may also be required along one side of a partition wall (especially where the wall is
connected to the flow by fixtures inserted in the slab) and along cracks, expansion joints, and other critical areas.
Drill holes should be spaced about 10 to 24 inches apart to provide a continuous chemical barrier. (For best results,
application should be made with a lateral dispersion nozzle).
Where necessary, drill through the foundation walls from the outside and inject the chemical just beneath the slab or along
the inside of the foundation.
Along the outside of the foundation walls where shallow foundations exist (1 foot or less), dig a narrow trench
approximately 6 inches wide and not below the top of the footing. Apply the emulsion at the rate of 2 gallons per 10 linear
feet. As the soil is being replaced into the trench, apply another 2 gallons per 10 linear feet to the backfill.


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