Contrac Soft Bait is a highly palatable soft bait that provides the perfect solution to your rodent control problem. It contains a powerful single-feed, second generation anticoagulant Bromadiolone at a low toxicity level of 0.005% which effectively kills house mice, roof rat, cotton rat, meadow vole, Mexican woodrat, including Warfarin-resistant Norway rat. These pests may consume a lethal dose in one night feeding and expect results within four to five days. It has undergone extensive research and comprehensive testing to ensure superb performance in rural, urban, residential and commercial settings. It features a unique oil-based formula with an excellent blend of saturated and unsaturated fats, together with a comprehensive manufacturing process which guarantees maximum contact of the soft bait to the sachet to help increase bait acceptance. Its superior preservative packaging helps prevent the bait from freezing, melting or accumulating molds. A 16 lb. bucket with 10g soft bait sachets.

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