Climbup Insect Bed Bug Interceptors

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Climbup Insect Bed Bug Interceptors        This is for 4 regular Traps.


Product Features


  • The ClimbUp® insect interceptor forms a barrier between floor and bed.
  • Bed bugs approaching bed from room will climb up exterior surface and fall into the outer pitfall ring. Bed bugs climbing down from bed will be found in center well
  • Get rid of bed bugs and kill all bed bug problems with the eco-friendly ClimbUp® Insect Interceptor.

Product Description 


The Climb-up Insect Interceptors is a great intuitive bed bug monitor and trapping device that can play a crucial role in the fight against bed bugs.  Bed Bug Climb Up Interceptor is a simple pitfall trap that can be placed under the legs and feet of couches and chairs, bed post, or other posts and legs of furniture where people are resting or sleeping. Bed Bugs in other parts of the infested dwelling will travel in search of a blood meals and can be intercepted and trapped in the Climbup Interceptor as they attempt to gain access to the bed or other furniture that have the interceptor devices installed onto. This is an excellent and inexpensive way to keep a bed or couch free from bed bug infestation, monitor an existing bed bug problems, or to detect a new bed bug infestation. The Center Well where the foot of your bed post or furniture would sit is 4 1/2 inches across.
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